Orionteatern Stockholm

Welcome to a two-day program with two world premieres, an insight into the method; Workshop 65+, research results of the importance of dance for the ones that thought that dance were not an option any longer.
And a discussion with some of EUs decision makers about Coronas impact on the Culture-Giggers working conditions.

May 20
14.00-16.15 Workshop 65+ work-demo, Film Herr Mamma Geddon.
19.00 Film: Checking out Performance: In a Cage of Light
May 21
11.00-15.00 Debate- CORONA exposed the Culture giggers labour market and the value of culture. A discussion with some of EUs decision makers together with cultureworkers and press.
19.00 Film: Bara Dansa Performance: Stories


MAY 20th 14.00-16.15

One part of Age on Stage has been and is still to give workshops for people 65+, where no prior experiences of stage and dance is necessary. Charlotta Öfverholm has created a method of working with movement, creativity and dance for this age group. The demand and interest of these activities are enormous.
Our first workshop in 2016, which we hardly advertised, was quickly fully booked (25 people). Since then we have about 150 people over the age of 65 attending our workshops. In Corona times this age group has been very isolated therefore we have for a while switched to an online plattform with ZOOM classes. These classes have also had great attendance with participants from all over Europe and USA.
A research team has followed the process and published several articles and documentaries, which will be shown as well.

We will give you a work-demonstration of the workshop as well as the documentary film, HERR MAMMA GEDDON

MAY 20th 19.00


Age on Stage’s new stage production with extraordinary artists in an age above the norm.
Choreography and direction by Jordi Cortes (ES) and Charlotta Öfverholm. More information to be announced.

CHECKING OUT a recreation of Öfverholms strongly visual stage production PROSTHESIS, with 11 mature performers between 40-81 years old, to film.
“You can check out at anytime, but you can never leave”

MAY 21 11.00-15.00
CORONA exposed the freelance artists labor market and the value of culture
The pandemic has made us understand that the labor market of culture is a white spot on the map. The importance of culture for the politicians vary largely between the countries.
We have therefore chosen to set aside a four-hour moderate-led debate at the Age on Stage festival. Where presentations from political decision-makers, debaters and cultural workers from different areas and countries are interspersed with questions and panel discussions.

The freelance artists are a large group of people who work with culture and a group that does not have a permanent job but go from project to project. Some periods they work day and night and then comes periods where they do not have work at all. A labor market without security, safety but also a labor market that is becoming more and more common in other areas of work as well.
Crises often reveal weaknesses in a society and also a society’s priorities. During the pandemic, it has become particularly clear that there is a political ignorance of what the cultural sector’s labor market looks like; how many freelancers there are, who works with what and where, and the complex networks that the freelance artists are a part of.
During this seminar day, we will get a better insight in to the working conditions there are for freelance artists in different EU countries.
• Who they are
• Everyday conditions
• What effect the pandemic has had
• How each country has taken care of those in crisis
• And also if Corona has exposed the country’s priorities in cultural issues

MAY 21 19.00


STORIES- the cabaret where age is a plus featuring 22 participants between 70-87 years old telling their life stories.
Premiered at Dansens Hus May 2018 and was later shown at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in September 2019 for sold out houses.
JUST DANCE Film director Anders Larsson got so fascinated and inspired by watching the creation of Stories and decided to film a documentary about what dance is doing to these people, how it changed their lifes in a later age and what creativity might do to a person.