Circus, live music and raw physical dance

A burlesque compote inspired by Louise Bourgeoises poems and installations, Lindy Larssons singing, troubles of love and Mother Earth spiced with double bass and irony. Circus, live music and raw physical dance by two very strong performers.

I´m afraid of silence
I´m afraid of the dark
I´m afraid to fall down
I´m afraid of insomnia
I´m afraid of emptiness
Is something missing?
Louise Bourgeois

Choreographer/ director/concept: Charlotta Öfverholm
Co Director: Jordi Cortes
Music: Lauri Antila
Performers: Lindy Larsson and Charlotta Öfverholm
Costume: Sari Nuttunen
Light design: Tobias Hallgren
Performance length: 45- 50 min without intermission


”too raw and painfully present to be surreal, and yet too surreal to be grasped with pure reason turns
indeed out to be a fascinating, unforgettable experience”
“A successful meeting between artists…”Öfverholm is catching Bourgeois´ freespirited boxing feeling
flawless in movements” GP

“To call Charlotta Öfverholm an expressive dancer is an understatement…She has a temperament and
stage presence that could give electricity to at least the whole of Skeppsholmen” Svd
“Öfverholm and Larsson is the perfect match. The combination of her raw strength and his soft
charming smile becomes as stimulating as a well made espresso macchiato” Danskrönikan


“explosivity, absolute stageprescence and fierce physical theatre power “(DN)
” …there is a shimmer of unpretentiouseness over Jus de la Vie. (Svd)
“…every day gestures meets physicality spiced with voices and a musical choice that often
becomes an absurd comment”(Svd)
…it really lives up to the juiceness the name promises…” (Svd)
“extremities meet in explosive, actual moments of hope…” (Aftonbladet)
“Unusual, passionate, dancetheatre…” (Aftonbladet)
“They have a wanting to touch your souls without selling themselves to the audience. Go and
see!”(TAZ Berlin)
“ There are no shy violets that stands behind Charlotta Öfverholms premiere in Stockholm…(Svd)

Manager Anna Cederberg, +46-70-910 3821
Technical director Tobias Hallgren, +46-70-974 3608
Artistic director Charlotta Öfverholm, +46-70-566 7939


JAMES FRIEDMAN Musician – violin, piano, voice
James studied at the Berklee College of Music in the USA. Worked with Trumbernech Mimes, Kaboodle Theater company and the german theatre group Scherbenteater. Created Troubleshooter and Members Only with Johnny Melville.

Jimmy is one of the founders of the Klezmer group Sabbath Hela Veckan (Sabbath All Week Long). He has composed music for productions as Schneider & Schuster at Pistolteatern. He co-wrote the music for Kritcirkeln (The Caucasian Chalk Circle) at Stockholm City Theatre (Stadsteatern) and Sprängdeg och tulpaner for Jordcirkus. Jimmy has performed with artists as Jango Edwards, Laurie Anderson, Pigeon Drop and participated in the production of Cabaret at the Swedish Royal Dramatic Theater (Dramaten). In 1992 the collaboration with Charlotta Öfverholm started and he created music for How Come? and Kody Zivota – the last forecast.