NIFF Nordic international Film Festival Brooklyn NYC June 3 2023

       GOTLANDS LÄNSTEATER November 5 2022

SPIRA JÖNKÖPING November 11 2022

                                                                 SCENKONSTBIENNALEN VÄSTERÅS JUNE 8 2022

ULM MOVES Germany June 11 2022

ORIONTEATERN January 5-9 2022

DALATEATERN December 2 2021

A recreation of Öfverholms strongly visual stage production PROSTHESIS with 11 mature performers between 40-81 years old.

“You can check out at anytime, but you can never leave”

A surrealistic detective story, placed in a hotel, where the psychological weights and behaviours of the guests and employees, make them all suspected of a crime, which is being investigated by a detective, who actually is searching for the meaning of life. Former guests from centuries ago are watching with unexpected powers.

  • Choreographer, director, writer Charlotta Öfverholm
  • Director of film Anders J. Larsson
  • Sound Mia Kaasalainen
  • Music composer Lauri Antila
  • Dramaturge Carina Nildalen
  • Costumes Linda Öhrn and Elle Kunnos de Voss

Behind the scene photo and runner Fabian Kriese

Performers: Magnus Krepper, Elena Fokina, Tobias Hallgren, James Friedman, Lauri Antila, Charlotta Öfverholm, Jan Alpsjö, Lars Hällegård, Elna Fagerberg, Anita Berger, Eva Broms

THE FILM full length: