Elena Fokina

Elena Fokina – Dancer

Elena Fokina graduated from the University for Culture and Russian Academy for Theatrical Arts in Moscow in 1998 as a choreographer and with a teacher’s degree. From 1997 to 2001 she danced with the Russian Chamber Ballet Moscow.

she has been working as a dancer and teacher for the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm. Participating in the following productions: “Swan Lake”, Mats Ek (2015), “Juliet & Romeo”, Mats Ek (2016), “Korper”, Sasha Waltz (2016), “Bill”, Sharon Eyal (2016), “Bestiarium”, Olivier Dubois unfinished. During her career she has also created her own works: “Pristan” (2009) Mexico, “Bielovodie” (2010) and “Movendum” (2010) in Moscow. Currently she is working on her own independent production of performance and dance film as a choreographer and director in Moscow, Russia. She recently collaborated with the choreographer Damien Jalet, participating as an actress for the film production “Suspiria”, directed by Luca Guadagnino, produced by Frenesy Film Company(I) together with Amazon Studios (USA).