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TITANAS – Festival Temporada Alta 2022

TITANAS will be performed at Festival Temporada Alta, October 14-15 2022

Titanas is a meeting between Sol Picó, Natsuki and Charlotta Öfverholm, three dancers and choreographers with completely different influences and paths that now converge at the same point on the road. Like three vertices of a magic triangle, their meeting creates a space of absolute freedom where everything is possible. The purest, wildest and most genuine energies and forces emerge, identities fade, skins are exchanged and a dialogue begins between that multiplicity of entities that struggle within us to excel.

Wrapped in the music by Judit Farrés and the voices of a choir of twelve women, this triad of warrior goddesses, decidedly powerful, euphoric and optimistic, is reborn creating a new ideal, utopian and fantastic universe, with no rules to fulfill or archetypes in which to fit in.